Human Resource & Program Development

Citrine Connect will work with the current policies that you have in place and see if there is room for improvement. We can write new policies that fit best to your company’s culture.

  • Employee Engagement Initiatives: Citrine Connect will find strategies that work best with your team to provide the best practices to increase employee engagement at your company. This can be done per department or the company as a whole.
  • Employee Concerns: It is important to allow your employees to have a voice at your company. As your HR representative, we can provide secure and private communication to your employees. This makes them feel appreciated and heard so that they can go about their days with little to no worry.
  • Communication with Employee: As your HR representative we will make ourselves known to your team and provide flexibility that will allow the employees to reach out to us with any concerns. Whether it be minor like payroll questions or something more serious like a health or major life concern, we will be there to provide assistance and guidance.

Medical Billing and Coding

Licensed CPC-A, providing medical and billing services. We offer professional and secure assistance utilizing our expert knowledge to ensure your billing and coding needs are taken care of.

Virtual Assistance

Too many emails, not enough time in the day? We can help manage all your assistant needs. No task is too heavy, let us work with you to alleviate any assistant duties.

If you are interested in services for your company today: